Pirelli is the Official Partner of the 2024 edition of F1 in Schools Italy, a multidisciplinary challenge in which teams of students work together to design a miniature, compressed air powered F1 car. The Italian series, now in its second year, is part of the F1 in Schools championship, an initiative supported by F1 that involves schools in 60 countries around the world and more than one million students, with the aim of enabling boys and girls to enrich their knowledge of STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and bring them closer to the world of Formula 1 from a technical point of view, thus stimulating their interest in a possible professional career in motorsport.

All the model cars, designed by the students using CAD systems and manufactured using CNC machines and 3D printers, have ‘standard’ Pirelli branded wheels. The edge is customised with the graphic reproduction of the Pirelli P Zero tyres used by real F1 cars on the track.

As in real life, the aerodynamics of the models are first tested virtually using computational fluid dynamics software and then in a smoke-filled wind tunnel. The acid test is to launch the models, fitted with compressed air cartridges, down a 24-metre straight to determine the fastest design.

Pirelli has set up online seminars that students will be able to follow in the coming weeks to better understand how tyres work in Formula 1 and what data the Milan-based company’s engineers use to develop tyres for the world’s most prestigious championship.

Mario Isola, Pirelli Head of Motorsport: “For years, Pirelli has been an enthusiastic supporter of projects aimed at informing the younger generation about the many opportunities that motorsport can offer, : said Mario Isola, Pirelli Head of Motorsport. “By listening to the experiences of our team members, we hope that they can gain inspiration for what could be their professional future, in a stimulating and highly competitive environment that can be incredibly rewarding”.

F1 in Schools Italy, born from the collaboration between Innovation Farm and Dallara, enters a crucial phase today. The participating teams, made up of a maximum of 6 students, will face a qualifying round at the end of February, from which a shortlist of possible national finalists will emerge. The top two groups will eventually be able to represent our country at the World Finals at the end of 2025.