F1 Festival in Chicago, 2019. Image courtesy F1.

Hollywood, a cultural icon in the city of Los Angeles, attracts over 8 million visitors per year. Between the Chinese Theater and the Walk of Fame, this heritage neighborhood is the physical embodiment of the entertainment industry, making it the perfect location for F1 Festival’s next big event in the United States.

On Wednesday October 30th starting at 4:15pm, the supercar performances will be the warm up to the main event as a lineup of exotic vehicles will be doing donuts. At 5:00pm, the F1 vehicles (Mercedes/ Renault/ Redbull) will take to the donuts area with drivers Valtteri Bottas, Daniel Ricciardo, and Max Verstappen giving the Hollywood pavement its fair share of smoke and rubber.

F1 Festival will bring the adrenaline of F1 to the city as it takes over Hollywood Boulevard. The initiative behind the event is to gather both the community and racecar fans in one place to enjoy all that Formula 1 has to offer. Similarly to the way music festivals bring thousands of people together to revel in music and have an unforgettable time – F1 Festival is a place for family, friends, supercar enthusiasts, and curious onlookers to enjoy everything the festival has to offer. On October 29th, one day before the event, F1 Cars and Supercars will be exhibited on Hollywood Boulevard the whole day. The iconic strip of road will be closed off for pedestrians to come and experience this display.

The time of festival means that all 9 to 5ers are free to attend and families can come together and enjoy a night out in a kid-friendly environment. This past April, F1 Fest took to Shanghai, which had an amazing turn out and now they’ve brought their formula to the States hitting cities like Chicago and Miami and now… Los Angeles. Their past events in Milan and Marseilles had current drivers and entertainment on the scene, which means that exciting surprises are sure to excite the LA crowd.

For the 1st time ever, three F1 teams will be at the event, whereas in the past there have only been two. Redbull, Renault, and Mercedes will be there for the fans, families, and VIP guests. An LA-inspired customized F1 car will be on display throughout the event, as well as a live demo. Race-related activities for the whole family to enjoy will also be there. Street fest style.

Past events in London, Marseille, Milan, Shanghai, Chicago, and Miami have wowed the crowds and seriously impressed all those who have attended. F1 Festival plans to continue that legacy in Los Angeles and capture the eyes and ears of the younger generation. The thrill and excitement that lights up a kids face when a fast car zooms by really is the driving force behind this initiative.