(June 7th, 2021) GP TRAVELER MEDIA is launching a new venture in NFT (non-fungible tokens) centered around sports trading cards.

The first series which will be released will be of the 2010 Formula One world championship, which was won by Sebastien Vettel of Red Bull Racing.  The 2010 series is inspired by 1980 style baseball trading cards and features a gold finish, paying homage to Formula One’s 60th anniversary in 2010.  The series includes 27 cards for each pilot who took part in the championship, as well as two special edition virtual cards featuring the year’s world champion (Sebastian Vettel) as well as a Formula One legend (Ayrton Senna).

“I grew up collecting and trading physical sports card, so this project is very dear to me,” said GP Traveler Founder and President Joey Franco.  “We will be releasing collectible NFT cards for every season since 2010 in an attempt to become the leader in Formula One collectible NFTs.”

GP Traveler has yet to announce the specific drop date or where the cards will be available.  Stay tuned for future announcements by following their social media accounts;





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