In a groundbreaking fusion of motorsport and streetwear, BWT Alpine F1 Team has teamed up with iconic skate and streetwear brand Palace and Italian sportswear giant KAPPA to unveil a capsule collection that pushes the boundaries of Formula 1 fashion. The result is PALACE KAPPA FOR ALPINE – a contemporary design that not only adorns the A523 car for the Las Vegas Grand Prix but also outfits the team’s drivers, Pierre Gasly and Esteban Ocon, in a collection of cutting-edge gear.

The collaboration introduces a one-of-a-kind Palace-designed A523 car livery, a visual masterpiece that captures the spirit of the desert that surrounds Las Vegas. With bold hues and striking graphics, the car promises to turn heads on the Las Vegas Grand Prix track, embodying the marriage of motorsport precision and streetwear flair.

Pierre Gasly and Esteban Ocon, along with the entire BWT Alpine F1 Team, will be donning the official team kit during the Las Vegas Grand Prix. The suits, intricately designed by Palace and manufactured by KAPPA, seamlessly blend style and functionality, bringing a new level of sophistication to the Formula 1 grid.

Formula 1 and fashion enthusiasts alike can get their hands on this limited-edition capsule collection at an exclusive pop-up shop at the Venetian in Las Vegas starting on Thursday, November 16th. The collection will also be available globally at Palace stores from Friday, November 17th. With only a limited number of pieces, this collaboration promises to be a collector’s dream for those who appreciate the intersection of high-performance racing and cutting-edge street style.

The capsule collection, featuring Palace’s iconic ‘Tri-ferg’ logo and the Palace Kappa logo lock-up, comprises 10 key pieces. From pit jackets and rain jackets to body warmers, pit shorts, tracksuits, and tech polos, the collection reflects the dynamic energy of Formula 1 and the street. The color waves, ranging from black and blue with a pink triferg accent to beige/stone with a blue triferg touch, provide a versatile yet distinctive aesthetic.

Complementing the launch is a hero campaign led by director Femi Ladi, featuring a high-octane film following a Formula 1 driver navigating the vibrant streets of Las Vegas. The film captures the essence of the collaboration, with cameos from Palace riders adding an extra layer of authenticity to the project.

David Gendry, VP of Alpine Sponsoring, Partnerships, and Communications, expressed excitement about this unique collaboration that seamlessly blends trendy fashion with sports brands. The creative process, according to Gendry, has been nothing short of incredible, resulting in a livery inspired by the breathtaking desert surroundings of Las Vegas.

Lorenzo Boglione, Vice President of BasicNet Group, which oversees KAPPA, expressed pride in the fusion of sport and street style, creating a connection between two worlds that increasingly intertwine. The collaboration is a celebration of the DNA of both brands, epitomizing the spirit of innovation and style that defines BWT Alpine F1 Team, Palace, and KAPPA.

In Las Vegas, where the stakes are high and style is paramount, this collaboration marks a new era in Formula 1 fashion – a thrilling journey where speed meets street in the most iconic city on Earth.